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    Dear Tax Professional,

    Tax season might be over, but your income stream doesn’t have to stop there. AIP Asset Management Inc. (“AIP”) allows you to take your business model to the next level while differentiating yourself from increased market competition.  By offering your clients the possibility of professional portfolio management services through AIP on a referral basis, you differentiate yourself from other tax professionals.

    AIP’s Referral Partner Program is ideal for financial services professionals who want independence and more opportunities to create multiple recurring revenue streams for themselves.  By outsourcing investment management, your professional image becomes enhanced due to the additional resources you provide.

    When you become a Referral Partner with AIP, your clients gain access to a licensed, “Bay Street” Portfolio Manager who is able to offer a wide range of securities products. AIP manages individual client accounts, known as Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) and operates on either a Flat or Flex Fee Model.


    Separately Managed Accounts

    AIP offers financial services professionals access to a Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) program through our Referral Partner Program.  The features which make our business model unique includes: no minimums in account size or book of business and a limitless range of investment products available to the everyday investor.


    Benefits when you join AIP as a Referral Partner:

    • Potential income growth
    • Fee transparency with your clients, aligning with regulatory requirements for fee disclosure
    • Ability to forge deeper client relationships
    • Less attrition due to deeper client relationships
    • Greater business resale, retirement and succession opportunities for your practice
    • Likelihood of satisfied clients who may refer others to your services
    • More opportunities to create multiple revenue streams
    • Professional image becomes enhanced when you provide additional resources (investment management with AIP) for your clientele
    • Choose between a Flat or Flex Fee Model for SMA

    Explore the possibilities to maximize the value of your practice by joining AIP’s Referral Partner Program.

    Why Choose SMA?

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    Better for Clients

    • Lower fees – through bypassing the middle man, we are able to reduce the fees paid by the end client
    • Multi-custodian approach – by maintaining relationships with multiple industry leading custodians, AIP offers clients solutions custom tailored to their needs
    • CIPF coverage through our custodians. Client accounts will receive CIPF (Canadian Investor Protection Fund) coverage (up to $1 million per account type) through our custodians
    • Portfolio Managers are fiduciaries – they have a regulatory obligation to act in the client’s best interest
    • Able to accommodate all transaction types (Pre-authorized deposits, systematic withdrawal, RSF and RIF payments, electronic fund transfer, cheques etc…)
    • All clients under the Separately Managed Accounts program will receive an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), a customized plan for how we can help them reach their investment objectives
    • Able to accommodate all account types (Open Account, RRSP, TFSA, RESP, LRSP, RIF, LRIF, USD accounts, pension, etc…)

    Better for Referral Partners

    • Ability to further monetize existing client relationships
    • Creates a new and diversified channel of revenue that lasts into perpetuity
    • Ability to convert existing practice into a multi-family office
    • You differentiate yourself from market competition and enhance your professional image by working with a licensed Portfolio Manager
    • You can stay efficient with reduced effort
    • Generate business by becoming more referable
    • Enhance your professional image by working with a licensed Portfolio Manager