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    Separately Managed Accounts


    Separately Managed Accounts

    AIP Asset Management Inc. (“AIP”) provides investment management to the everyday Canadian investor.

    Traditionally, a managed portfolio was out of reach to retail investors because of the standard account minimums.  With AIP, you have access to investment products and services which were traditionally reserved for solely high net-worth individuals.

    AIP was formed with the mission to provide people from all walks of life inclusion, a strategy for capital preservation and professional portfolio management regardless of the size of their portfolio. With AIP’s SMA program, investors are able to have a customized, risk-adjusted, professionally managed account for a fee between 1-2%.

    Benefits when you open an SMA with AIP:

    • Potential for risk-adjusted returns
    • Lower base fees
    • Tax deductible investment management fees on taxable capital gains
    • Customized solutions – your portfolio is structured to reflect your risk tolerance and investment objectives (eg. lifestyle, taxes)
    • Detailed reporting and account monitoring
    • Professional management by a “Bay Street” Portfolio Manager
    • Fee transparency in accordance to regulatory requirements for fee disclosure
    • Access to a full range of investment products
    • Choose between our Flat and Flex Fee Model for SMAs

    Opening a SMA with AIP Asset Management Inc. will allow you access to all investment products available in multiple markets. When you invest with AIP, you receive portfolio management that was once reserved for solely high net worth clients.

    Contact Alexander or Saurabh, Associate PMs, at 416-601-0808 to learn more.

    Why Choose SMAs?

    How You Benefit

    • Lower fees – through bypassing the middle man, we are able to reduce the fees paid by the end client
    • Multi-custodian approach – by maintaining relationships with multiple industry leading custodians, AIP offers clients solutions custom tailored to their needs
    • CIPF coverage through our custodians. Client accounts will receive CIPF (Canadian Investor Protection Fund) coverage (up to $1 million per account type) through our custodians
    • Direct access to an AIP Portfolio Manager
    • Portfolio Managers are fiduciaries who are required to act in the client’s best interest
    • All clients under the SMA program will receive an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), a customized plan for how we can help you reach your investment objectives
    • Able to accommodate all account types (Open Account, RRSP, TFSA, RESP, LRSP, RIF, LRIF, USD accounts, pension, etc…)
    • Able to accommodate all transaction types (Pre-authorized deposits, systematic withdrawal, RIF payments, electronic fund transfer, cheques etc…)