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    At AIP, we like getting to know the people we work with. Whether you are a financial advisor just starting out, an insurance advisor, or a seasoned advisor who is leaving the industry, let’s connect. We have a turn-key solution for financial services professionals who are looking for greater income growth and protection, more time, happier clients and greater independence.

    AIP’s Referral Partner Program is ideal for the next generation of advisors as well as those who are thinking of leaving the industry who want greater independence, more opportunities to create multiple recurring revenue streams and to generate passive income for themselves.

    Joining AIP as a Referral Partner offers a lot of flexibility so your business remains your own. If you are ready to enhance your profile by offering your clients the opportunities to capitalize on alternative investment strategies, diversification of returns, global equity exposure and growth opportunities around the globe, let’s discuss what we can do to take your business to the next level.


    How You Benefit as a Partner

    • Increase and protect your income
    • Focus and grow your core business ie. insurance
    • Generate more business
    • Access to professional money managers without all your clients having to be high net worth
    • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
    • Detailed reporting and account monitoring for your clients
    • Stay efficient while reducing expenses and effort
    • Improve operational efficiencies
    • Enhance professional image


    How Your Clients Benefit

    • They receive a complete spectrum of financial diversification and asset allocation
    • Institutional-quality management
    • Access to a “Bay Street” award-winning Portfolio Manager and a team of specialist professionals
    • Achieve risk-adjusted returns
    • Lower base fees
    • Customized solutions
    • Detailed reporting and account monitoring
    • Eliminate conflicts of interest