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AIP Global Macro Class

A prospectus based corporate class Global Macro Mutual Fund for non-accredited investors that gives exposure to equities, fixed income and special situations/private credit.

Why Invest?

AIP Global Macro Class is a mutual fund offered through a prospectus. The Global Macro strategy bases its holdings in various equity, fixed income, currency, commodities and futures market postions with a focus primarily on geopolitical issues and macroeconomic principles. Global Macro gives retail investors direct exposure to an investment strategy that is usually only available to institutional and accredited investors. The fund exploits macro investment themes which provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns that are uncorrelated with the broad equity indexes.

AIP Global Macro Fund – August 31, 2018


The Fund utilizes an approach that analyzes global macroeconomic data and market trends to identify key investment themes in the fixed income, equities and special situations/private credit markets. The portfolio manager uses a global macro strategy based top-down investment analysis to identify the best securities in which to invest to benefit from the macroeconomic themes that are identified. The objective is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns, relative to the benchmark.

Investor Profile

This fund is suited for investors who:

  • Are looking for alternative strategies.
  • Are looking for a diversified source of returns.
  • Are looking to pursue growth opportunities around the globe.
  • Have global equity exposure and wish to enhance diversification.

Fund Codes

  • Class A— AIP 500
  • Class F— AIP 501
  • Class I— AIP 502

Fund Facts

  • Inception date: September 2014
  • Minimum Investment: $1,000.00
  • Management Fee (MER): 2.25% w/ 1.00% trailer fee to advisor (series A), 1.25% (series F)
  • Performance Fee: 20%
  • Pricing: Daily
  • Distribution frequency: Annually
  • RRSP/RSP eligible: Yes

AIP Global Macro Class Fund Facts – PDF

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