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Insurance Advisor

Are you an Insurance Advisor who wants to provide the best services to your clients? Joining AIP Asset Management’s Referral Program allows you to take your business model to the next level while differentiating yourself from increased market competition.

AIP’s Referral Partner Program is ideal for the next generation of Insurance Advisors who want greater independence and more opportunities to create multiple recurring revenue streams for themselves.

This new breed of insurance professionals are building their business around the “Big Picture” – they discuss the full spectrum of financial services with their clients and will often outsource those services when necessary. Wouldn’t you choose to offer your clients more services at an institutional-quality level without spending additional time out of your busy day?

AIP offers guidance to insurance advisors who are interested in offering more services to their clients. Just let AIP manage the investment side, and you’ve got yourself a full-fledged family office – traditionally reserved for the ultra-wealthy and now available to your existing clientele. We’ve helped a number of large, dual-licensed practices turn their existing business into one-stop shop for financial services.

Through partnering with AIP, you gain access to a wider spectrum of financial services, forge stronger client relationships, diversify your income and most importantly, the value of your business grows exponentially to ensure an ideal succession plan and retirement.

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